Kira by Cindy Musgrove

Have you seen her? I just got an e-mail fro Doll So Real. She’s a chunker, so cute

Yeah, she’s really sweet. Wish I had some dolly dollars.

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I hear ya, I’m a little low on dolly dollars myself. It’s a shame they don’t have a layaway plan.

I don’t like her at all! That is a good thing because I do not need to be ordering any more kits.


She is cute! She looks more like a real baby than some of the kits that are dolly looking. I love the details on her kits.

I just looked; she is cute! Great details. I don’t need any more kits but that one is enticing. :smiling_imp:

I’m with you Pia. I don’t like her at all. Her mouth seems too little and her face too wide. She looks a bit like Celeste with her mouth closed.

Kira is a replication of Cindy’s granddaughter, Kyla. I think she did an impressive job of sculpting her…Here are a couple comparison pics…I think she is quite cute. I like the ‘unique and different’ ones though so that is probably why she appeals to me…


Wow! That is impressive. I like her better knowing she’s a portrait. Thanks for the pix.