Just orderd rosebud!

am i crazy ladies im not a collector but a few months back i made a rosebud baby and he tugged at my heart he was just perfect in every way but i sold him off because i felt silly for bonding with a doll. i have orderd myself a rosebud and plan to keep him this time … anyone else start off as a non collector?

the rosebud i sold

He’s beautiful I love every little detail you’ve given him. I bonded with my Rosebud too, I dont know what it is about that little guy! I have a Cookie here who is my doll for now, I havent rooted her because I will have to sell her once she’s rooted, so I keep her bald and she gets to stay.

love it!

OMG… Im so ordering my rosebud’s… i think i will need 5 to keep me happy!!! Im the same rosebud i have bonded with, made 3 of them so far and sold 2 and the other was for a charity auction so i need one for me… and the doll show!!! LOL I have been asking about this kit for months!!! LOL

Well, your rosebud is GORGEOUS, no wonder you fell in love! You should have one for yourself, definitely! I love how you did the skin tones and texture…great job!

I bonded with Rosebud also, there is something about that kit.