Just had to reorder supplies!

I moved everything to Florida and now I’m in NY. Can’t go back. I think the best $150 I’ve spent. I feel kinda guilty especially they took us bartenders off the job immediately.

However I need to keep my sanity during this time. How are you coping at this time? Show your work! :black_heart:


I wanted to order supplies but worry they might close stores if it gets really bad around here so I don’t want to spend money on things that I could be spending on food. I do know what you mean though about keeping your sanity though. That was mostly my reason why I wanted to order. Im trying to get back into it and have something I can do for “me” time. I don’t get much “me” time as a stay at home, homeschooling mom. lol

As I haven’t sell a doll in a while I have stripped a few kits that I have put aside. I may have 5 or 6. So not only that keep me busy, but it provides me kit to paint without spending a cent.

Agreed! What is “me” time?? :grin: I don’t have the motivation for painting right now but prob should. That’s a distraction that is healthy. I have 3 home and can’t help with school work because I don’t get it! :roll_eyes: plus once our governor said “ack of God”, these kids heard “not being graded” and won’t do the work consistently. So I battle, lazy home schooled and no outlet of my own. I do have to work, I’m a nurse do I dread going to work! But love a good up lifting joke when I see one!! Do here’s What I’m sharing with you… save your money to!! You just never know,