Just got my Sam kit its so nice

this is my 1st m.may kit, the details are exquisite and perfect. how wonderful. this is going to be my first keeper <3 shes going to be a girl, my friend carmen made me a special body, i havent figured out her details yet, but she is going to be mine 100%! Nod was supposed to mine, but my mom fell in love, so he’s hers now lol

yep I am thinking maybe brown, dark brown hair, slightly wavy. and I am going to get her all cute stuff too my husband let me buy it because he worked so many hours and wanted to give me a gift so he let me buy a sam. i couldnt decide which one i wanted, i kinda wanted to try libby, but i fell so in love with sams little details and opened mouth. too cute.

it takes me a long long time to do a doll, i have to finish two twins by the end of sept, i work alot on crochet i am making things for my boys birthday so i wont have her done until perhaps the end of sept. sorry, just wanted to share.

have a great day friends

Oh what fun to actually do a doll just for yourself. I Love Marissa May’s sculpts. They are so beautiful. Enjoy!!!

I like her sculpts, too. They are very peaceful. Glad you have one for yourself.

thanks! i will post pics whenever i ever get around to making her!