Just got interviewed by a Paris news paper!

I just got called from a Paris(Yes France!!! ) news Paper and they did an over the phone interview about Reborns
The Lady was very nice and we basicly had a fun chat-She will send me a copy when the artical comes out -You always hold your breath untill you see what they wrote !!!
I may be portraied as a nut or as an artist -or something inbetween!!!

omgosh how awesome!!! great Cher!!!

Cher, they just know you are the best reborn artist . Wow Paris! See your work is known all the way there. Congradulations!!! Now when you become very famous don’t forget about us.


Cher, that is so cool. You must have been shocked. Please be sure to show us how they really did portray you. Congrats!

awwww you guys are sooooo funny !!!Stef and I know Rebecca Martinez who is a photo artist and does alot of pics of reborns and the art of reborning -she had an artshow in (I think )London and met the reporter there from the Guardian News in Paris France-they decided they wanted to do a story and she gave them several names of people she knew who had interesting stories with regardes to reborning and they called me -dont know if they will call others or what but anyway She did say she would send me a copy when the story came out so we will see what they say !!

That’s awesome, Cher! How exciting for you… Yes, by all means, please post the article when you receive a copy - we would all love to read it.

Congratulations!!! We could use some good press for a change!!!

WOW! That’s wonderful, Cher!