Julianna is born!


It is still raining and dreary here so I can’t get good pics and the flash makes her lips look more shiny and the colors a bit off but hopefully you can see some idea of her. I LOVE this baby right from her painted hair down to her tippy toes! She’s a keeper!



Oh sheis absolutly stunning…Great job on her…beautiful…


She is so sweet…great job!


Thank you. The colors are not good at all on these photos and they don’t do her justice but I wanted to show her to you all so badly anyways. The dress was given to me by Lyndee and I have been saving it for her. It is a tad big but not bad and I tied a ribbon around the neckline under the collar to pull it up so it wouldn’t be too big there.


Wow if she is prettier than her pictures, she is a real beauty! You have really done a terrific job on her.


Only one picture! What a tease! LOL! I love her and wanna see more!


Click her name Kim to go to her photos. There are 6 of them.


Thanks! I am blond sometimes! LOL! I love her! What a precious little bundle!!


Gorgeous baby AND gorgeous dress!


Oh Angie …she is adorable!


Ahhhhhhhhh, so prettty. Her lashes are perfect and she looks so sweet. what is the name of the kit please? (she was from a kit?) Karen


Thank you!
She is a sold out Lt. Ed. Tamie Yarie kit named Julianna


I love that kit, you lucky dog I am jealous


Oh she is stunning. Beautiful job on this baby.

   Hugs Tina


She is beautiful!


She is beautiful! Love her I think she is your best baby yet! Love the little dress and bonnet too so lovely.


I love this sculpt - she looks like my youngest daughter when she was born. You did a beautiful job on her!



I love her! She came out so cute. Angie, where did you get her cute hat? I used to get some just like that from a lady named Linda I think. Lindas bonnets.com, or something like that. But Now I can’t find her website anymore. You wouldn’t by chance know what it was, do you? I would love to find it again.


That’s where I got them too but her link doesn’t work any more:


— Begin quote from “anjsmiles”

That’s where I got them too but her link doesn’t work any more:

— End quote

Thanks Angie, That was the problem I was having too. I wonder if she got all done making the hats and dresses? She had some really good deals there! I went back a few times to buy from her.