i never read anything about this sculpt. And I didn’t see anyone say they ordered her during the big sale. Her prototype pics are adorable… What gives? Has anyone done Juilet? Why is she not a fav?

Do you have a link or pic?

Oh!! BB’sjuilet? I still can’t do the link( from my phone)

Oh:-( thanks for the tip- I have been eyeing her forever… Maybe someone has a reborned pic?

Meg hands!!! Wow… They really changed her!

I don’t like the hands, either.

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I thought the “old” one was much better. I feel that way about Cozy and Caleb too!


Me too! That is why I didn’t order cozy yesterday.i really wanted the old version.:weary:

I’m working on Juliet now…I love everything about her except her hands… They look like shriveled up sausages :speak_no_evil:


Lololol ew!!!

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I wish they hadn’t changed any of their kits…the only thing I like is that they added some detail in the Gabriel and Gena kits. But that’s it.

Do you think they have to do that because the molds required replacement? It seems that detail has been added to the limbs, but detail has been lost in the faces. Caleb is smaller now and I wonder if the other “redone” kits are smaller too?

I would like to know also. It seems cozys head is bigger

I ordered cozy a long time back. I think it was shortly after his facelift. I wish i had gotten the old one. I painted him, using him with some new techniques since i really didnt care for him. I still didnt care for him after paint. No more cozys for me.

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I also really wish theyd put some stock photos of re-reborned kits. I honestly usually go by whether or not i like the bare vinyl but i know a lot of people need to see it painted and it really isnt accurate to use old photos with new vinyl


I agree! Is precious gift the same, do you know? I wanted to order her but I wasn’t sure if she had been another to go under the knife!

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Ive done her many times, these are twins boy and girl.They are actually two of my best sellers, go figure. Cute but I think more dollish.


I love her! She is now on my list! Thank you!:heart:

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I love the big eyed babes!