ISO Irelyn head


Does anyone have an Irelyn head that I could buy? Seconds are more than ok. I’ve determined that the Irelyn doll I purchased on eBay can’t be saved. The person I bought it from didn’t touch the limbs, I think she started with the head and discovered how difficult it truly is and gave up.

Im located in Wisconsin.
Thanks so much!!


Seriously? She didn’t paint the limbs? What’s wrong with the head? Do you have pictures?



That looks like a wig. Just take off the wig, remove glue and strip the paint.


She did not paint the limbs. Wow. I don’t think I have heard this one before. Can we see pictures?

You may end up having to buy the whole kit to get the head. Fortunately it’s relatively inexpensive to do so. Otherwise remove the wig and strip the head. It will be A LOT of work, especially if there’s a layer of varnish, but it can be done. Who knows though… maybe there won’t be any, which will make the job much easier.


I already tried rubbing alcohol on a q tip…didn’t do a thing to it. I’m hoping to get a new kit if she pops up on deep discounts. I’d really just like the head though.



Those don’t even look like Irelyn’s actual limbs.


Hmmm…you’re right. Never even thought to check that. Guess I’m stuck with a “Frankenbaby”.



Too much paint on the face and none at all on the limbs. That is the weirdest thing ever.

Irelyn seconds are $25. I’d rather pay that than strip a kit.


@pebblypoo Personally, I would just buy the seconds kit and start fresh. That will be much easier than stripping… I have to ask though, were you aware of this before purchasing? If not I would definitely be asking for my money back.


I would ask for your money back too. But that’s a tricky one. She clearly states that she doesn’t accept returns. The pictures show that the limbs don’t appear to be painted. But the head doesn’t look so bad. She gave a very vague description and poor quality photos, but she said to be sure and ask questions. I guess if you asked her what kind of paint she was painted with, and she didn’t just answer with “the head is painted with ___ but the limbs aren’t painted” you might have a better case with her. But her vague description doesn’t say anything really. :thinking:


Husband says it’ll be tricky too…I definitely didn’t pay $100, only $55 plus shipping. Normally I don’t care about paint quality because it’s only for my 5yr old to play with so used is more than fine, but I just can’t get over how poorly the face is painted. She carries dolls with her everywhere we go and as petty as this sounds I don’t want people thinking I painted this. I’m trying to get my name out there to start selling locally and I’m afraid this one might turn people away at first glance.

Thanks for everyone’s input in this situation…it helps.


I have an irelyn test head. You can have it no charge if you like. I didn’t see any major flaws with it.


Thank you very much for the offer…I’ve had someone contact me to see if she can fix it…if she can’t then I’ll definitely take the head…seconds is perfectly fine and I’ll pay you something regardless. I appreciate everyone’s help in this situation!!


Those are Meg arms and Shyann legs. Go figure.


Well thanks again for making our little frankenbaby whole again.