Is this the Sweet Pea we are getting here at BB?

Wendy Dickison’s Sweet Pea? Do you think? it shows the picture of Sweet Pea when you look through the photos.!portfolio

That one may be an OOAK baby, as it says that it is sold out. Makes you wonder, though. I also didn’t know that Cindy Musgrove was her mother until I read it on her home page. What a wonderful team!! I have Kylah on preorder. So excited!!

Oh wow, DID NOT know that!

i dont think its that sweet pea, but wow Mother-daughter sculptors, i love both their babies!!! I have my spencer here ready to start. Yay i hope we get more from both. i know Cindy has a new doll that she says BB will produce Scarlet. But its not on their list?? So i dont know when but she looks a lot like Precious gift with open hands and eyes!!!
Cant wait to see who sweet pea is then??!

Sweet pea was a kit a long time ago… Its sold out…sometimes they come up for sale but be prepared to pay alot.