Is it just me.....

I think the idea of a kit being announced 6 months before it’s available is to somehow increase sales when it finally is available. However for me it works just the opposite. I’ve watched and waited for Jesse, Samantha, and Sadie for so long now that I have lost interest in them. I guess it’s like a kid wanting a new toy and if they have to wait too long they don’t want it any more. I would rather them not be announced until they are going to be available in a reasonable amount of time. This has truly become a source of frustration for me! Anyone else have this problem?

Absolutely agree and Bountiful Baby is WAY worse than the other artists about the announcements. Or maybe it just seems that way because most of the LE kits are announced before they go up for pre-order and then once ordered, you get to wait again. I have also lost interest in Jesse, who I thought sure I would order. I was notified about Meagan being in stock because I had been waiting for her, and by the time the kit was available, I decided not to order her after all.

The more I look at Jesse, the more she reminds me of Cooper LOL! If she had come out sooner, I might not have thought so, but now that I’ve seen the resemblance, I just can’t seem to un-see it! I did order Megan and Lexi, and they are both cute enough, but I wasn’t all that excited - just needed some kits and wanted to try something new. If I hadn’t been running low, I wouldn’t have gone out of my way. I think Blaze did it for me: I waited for so long, but when I finally got him he was pretty much a dud for me and has turned into my little test dummy. I don’t really get my hopes up anymore.

I am afraid I am an impulse shopper; every now and then I start looking at kits and buy what I see - by the dozens. If I cannot get a kit that I like immediately, it goes on my wish list, but by the time it becomes available I usually lose interest.
Announcing kits long way before they become available might be a way to gauge people’s interest, and the maker then may decide if they should make 500 or 1000, but as we all said that might backfire.

I agree with Paula. I lose interest and move on and find available babies that I equally love.

Yup, me too…I’ve been ordering elsewhere because it seems to take BB so long to get them into production.

I ave to agree that a short wait time is acceptable so I don’t spend money on something else but too log and I give up on it and order something different. Part of our “get it now!” mentality of instant satisfaction. But I ate Limited edition kits more!.