is it just me?

I ordered some ash blonde ruby red hair to do my doll with this time…usually I go for dark or light brown, but I wanted it to look very soft and fine…anyways…is it just me or does the lighter colors seem much harder to deal with? So much more “fraying” and waste, and doesn’t seem to want to take as good either…whether that’s the hairs fault or sugar just doesn’t wanna be a blonde, I’m not sure, but I had to quit on it for tonight!! It’s SO HARD to see where I’ve rooted and what needs rooted, my eyes were starting to cross, lol…we’ll see what happens tomorrow

I just finished Raine as a blonde, and he crossed my eyes over twice! Even in daylight it’s difficult to see the mohair because it’s so light. Then when he was finished, his hair looked yellow…won’t use that color again! Good luck…I’ve got some ash blonde, I was hoping it would be easier!

I’ve bought the blonde and the ash blonde. The blonde is way too yellow looking but I did like the ash blonde color.I guess I will have to use the blonde mixed in with other colors for highlights.

For me the light brown roots in as dirty blonde if this helps any.

well I’m making progress with it. I have to say it’s still “the dickens” to work with, but I LOVE how it’s looking!!! Very sweet and subtle, just makes her/him look that much more soft and cuddly!! I WISH it would go in easier, and that it was a bit easier to see what i’ve already done, but ya take the good with the bad I guess, lol

Although the ash blonde doesn’t look very pretty in the pkg, it’s the one I prefer to the light blonde. I often mix the 2 to give highlights.I think the ash blonde looks more natural.