Introducing ROSE 2018 Kit of the Year, Adalyn, on eBay Now!

Introducing Adalyn, ROSE 2018 Kit of the Year!

We are excited to announce that our first ever Adalyn prototype is now on eBay! This gorgeous girl was so lovingly brought to life by Linda Hill. Here is a link to her auction, be sure to check her out:! She is also featured in the middle bubble on our homepage at

Adalyn is the ROSE 2018 limited edition Kit of the Year! She was sculpted and donated by the talented sculptor, Aleina Peterson. Each vendor at ROSE will receive a free Adalyn kit in their vendor bag, and she will also be available for purchase at the show. Here is a link to more information about Adalyn:

We would like to give a huge thank you to Aleina for donating this beautiful Adalyn to the ROSE International Doll Show! We are a proud sponsor of ROSE and are thrilled to have the chance to be a part of something that brings our community together. Come join us for lots of fun, and to connect with other artists and dolly lovers:

Thanks so much!

Bountiful Baby


She is so cute

She’s very cute!

Linda Hill did a beautiful job bringing her to life.

She’s beautiful

Shes cute. Looks like a cross between Anna’s face and Laila’s eyes-sort of.

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She’s beautiful!!

Are those not going to ROSE be able to purchase?

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Wow,she is gorgeous !

adorable must have