Introducing Realborn® Canon! First Prototype, by Alexa Calvo, on eBay!

We have an exciting new Realborn® coming soon!

Our first ever Canon prototype is on eBay now! He was perfectly brought to life by master artist, Alexa Calvo:

The real Canon is the little brother of Joseph and Darren. Canon was born weighing 8 lb 2 oz, he was the biggest newborn out of all of his siblings (though Joseph definitely passed him in size at the 3 month age!). You can see the most adorable video of real baby Canon here:

Sweet Canon has the chubbiest cheeks and the curliest legs! We have been so excited for his kit to come out! You can sign up to be notified of his release here: He is not one to miss! We are expecting to release him about a month from now.

Canon’s first prototype is featured on our home page now at:

Thanks so much!
Bountiful Baby


Wow, he’s adorable. I think he favors his granddad in some of those video shots.

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Real baby is beautiful!!!

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You had me at curly legs! Ooooh I can’t wait!! He looks so sweet!


Beautiful baby. Alexa Calvo had to have painted those facial hairs with a single bristle.


Yes, and I think she made him very close to the real baby. :slight_smile: He is cute.


He is adorable! Alexa Calvo knocks it out of the park again!