Introducing Mason! New 16" baby, sculpted by Pat Moulton, prototype on eBay!

Introducing Mason!

We are excited to introduce our newest upcoming release, Mason. Mason is about 16 inches long when completed. His head was sculpted by Pat Moulton, and his limbs by Denise Pratt. He is the same size as Megan and would be an adorable twin for her!

You can see more of Mason’s details here:

We also have our first ever Mason prototype on eBay now! This cute little guy was reborn by Samantha Rose-Harker. You can bid on his auction here:

Mason’s auction is also featured on our home page at:

Have a wonderful day!

Bountiful Baby


I was admiring him on the site yesterday. He is so darn cute! :heart_eyes:

He is a cuite — but too short for my liking. However, a lot of folks who love this size will be very happy. :slight_smile:

I wish he had full arms, he has such a sweet face

I love him!

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He is cute ! His smile reminds me of Kyrie.

What a pretty babe!

Oh he is adorable!

He reminds me of a little mouse, what a cutie! I wish he had full arms, too, but there are a few babies about his size who could trade with him.


I agree!!! He should have Bean’s arms and legs! Heck all the old 16 inchers should!


Very cute reminds me of Kyrie as well

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He has the most adorable face but i always have an issue with the ears that Pat Moulton sculpts. Ive reborned a few of her kits and they always had those wonky ears.

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Yay! A new 3/4 limb baby :heart_eyes: They are my favorite.

Any hints on his release date? I need some supplies, but trying to hold out for him.