Introducing Harlow and Marnie! New Realborns on eBay!

We are excited to show you our two newest Realborns!

Realborn® Harlow and Marnie have been brought to life! Harlow has the most scrumptious squishy face, and Marnie has the most adorable, sweet expression. The artists behind these masterpieces are Shirley Jones and Marie Gambus-Metayer.

All three of these cuties are available on eBay now! Be sure to check out Shirley’s auctions here: Marnie and Harlow To see Marie’s Harlow prototype auction, click here:

Be on the lookout for their releases! To view more pictures and sign up to be notified of their release click these links: Realborn® Harlow, and Realborn@ Marnie

We also have the cutest video footage of squishy real baby Harlow. Real Harlow weighed almost 11 lbs at birth! She was such an adorable chunky baby! You can see her video here:

Have an amazing day!
Bountiful Baby


They are adorable!

Marni reminds me so much of Zuri


Is Harlow related to Jade? She really reminds me of her.

I am loving that Marnie and Harlow both have profile pictures of thier kit! It’s very helpful to see this angle to get an idea of mouth chin nose and ears!!! I hope this is something you continue! I just saw Katie and Chase had them too! Thank you


Yes, this is something we plan to do with all future “blank vinyl” photos. :slight_smile: We also plan to continue including a photo of all of the parts together, so that it’s easy to see how the limbs compare to the head.



Yay oh you just made my day!!! That’s awesome

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