Introducing Felicity Asleep! First Sneak Peek Photos!

Hey everyone!

We are pleased to introduce our newest Realborn®, Felicity Asleep! She is expected to be released very soon (as soon as next week)! You can find the link to be notified of her release here:

Felicity Asleep is about 18.75 inches long when completed. She has full limbs, perfect for dressing her in a variety of adorable clothing. She is so realistic and beautiful! You can see more photos of her kit here: Felicity is a kit you will fall in love with!

We have a darling reborn of Felicity Asleep featured on our home page. She was reborn by Samantha Rose-Harker. Sam’s Felicity is on eBay now! You can bid on this sweet girl here: Sam has done a magnificent job with her!

We also have Felicity’s awake version available now! You can find her featured on our homepage as well at: Her asleep kit will be released next! We can hardly wait!

Have a great weekend!
Bountiful Baby


Really like the sleeping version of her

Cute!! I like her mouth!

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I think she is cute too. I am excited to see more versions :slight_smile: