Initial Investment and sales

I wondered about how much you invested in your start-up supplies to do your first reborn from start to finish? I bought my first kit about 6 weeks ago and started buying supplies then and am just finishing her. (I know that is a LONG time to finish a doll but I had to start over a few times! LOL) After resisting the urge for so long I finally made the mistake of totaling the full amount I’ve spent…it was over $600. Thank goodness these supplies will last for a very long time (some, like the heat gun and NuWave oven, will last forever). I have no regrets and am love with this hobby, but I was just curious if this was about average. (I love Bountiful Baby! They have the best prices and sales and I can get everything from the same place…and their shipping is unbelievably fast!)

Also, how many did you make before you started to sell them? How much did the first reborn you sold sell for? I’m not thinking about selling any at this point but maybe in the future once I develop my skills.

Sounds like I came out cheaply compared to some of you. I got a sale kit from BB at about $20 ($30 when I added in the end caps and body, about$45 with shipping). The base set of paints from Bloomers and Bows at about $20. Paintbrushes galore already. I’ve since bought a few…not that I needed them except for the mop brushes…but because I drool over paintbrushes! And free hair from my cousin’s llama, which did my first several dolls…a little coarse looking back but a great savings on the learner dolls. Stuffing left over from other projects and sterilized sand $5(later replaced with glass beads when I sold her) And at the time, I thought spending $70 was a lot for one doll if I had to make her. I had spent $125 for a collector (not a reborn) doll a few years prior to that and wanted more realism. I had enough paint and llama hair to make more dolls but changed to ruby red and now sugargliderus’ mohair. Several years later, I still have a little of the Bloomers and Bows gel thickener left since I only use it on veins. And I refuse to estimate how much I’ve spent since! Well, under a thousand, I hope, but I know I’m wrong…just easier to tell hubby that