Im Considering!


Hi ladies, just an update. I’m still undecided what I want to do about reborning. I have slowed down quite a bit thou. i Keep getting calls about reborns but i just tell them i’m on break. I don’t know what it is but it just doesn’t excite me like it use too. It’s like ok, I challenged my self and I accomplished what I set out to do and now i’m ready to move on to the next adventure. I know this sounds crazy but it is how I feel. Then I think to myself, I have all these kits I need to do something with. Whoa is me, I will figure this out!


I understand. I am letting a few kits go and am only keeping kits that I know I will paint. I am ok now. The break was worth it. But I am still only painting for family and friends which has now extended to friends of friends and family. :laughing:


I completely understand. :wink:


@Skylar, sometimes the answer isn’t 100 percent one way or the other. Maybe you can find a happy medium in between quitting and going full force. Whatever you decide, take your time to make the decision. Hopefully you can find your answer without undue stress. Best wishes to you in your endeavours.


Thank you for that. I really am trying to do just that. I think one of the problems are customs. Some of them I just don’t like and it’s not my style. But what the customer wants within reason that is, the customer gets. I think I will just go back to free styling. I like that best!


@Skylar, maybe if you just slow down and paint ONLY what YOU want to paint and HOW you want to paint it you will regain some of your former passion for the art!! I don’t think I would ever want to do a ‘custom’ unless I could do what I wanted with the exception of picking the kit, hair color and eye color. I give you a lot of credit for doing customs for so long-----don’t give up, you’ll get back into the swing of it!!


Thank you Lynn for the advice. I will try that and see what happens!