I'm back, I'm going to try and learn this again!

I joined awhile back and just started to get the message board figured out…then, they switched it all up on me! lol Now it has been awhile and I miss being on here seeing all the cute babies and learning from all the wonderful people on here. I’m going to give this another go. I hope they don’t change this forum on me again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m new to this forum so I’m not sure how it was before but I have found it to be one of the easiest to navigate.

I really like the option to see all the ‘latest posts’ rather than jumping from forum to forum.

The ‘tracking’ setting available inside threads is global, I have mine set to receive notifications when I’ve read a thread. All threads with new posts (and all new threads) show with blue post counts next to them in the main list. I’ve also noticed that the ‘suggested topics’ area at the bottom of any thread you’re reading displays unread and new posts first.

Hope this helps, it’s just the stuff that confused me a bit at first :blush:

PS, I checked out your FB page, you’re babies are amazing!


I just changed recently again and now I can’t tell if I have already commented on a thread that is commented on again :frowning:. I have finally figured out the “new” forum (since July 4th) and it is pretty easy to read all of the new posts and I am pretty much a fan of the format - I STILL WISH THEY WOULD FIGURE OUT HOW TO GIVE US “SIGNATURE” PICTURES THOUGH. How about it @bbsupport? Is that a possible rework for the future?


Thank you so much! Thank you for your help, it did help me quite a bit. Today I have figured out how to “like” comments. I’m getting there, slow but sure. lol

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