Idts 2019


Who is going to the doll show in Orlando in June? Is anyone planning on taking any classes? Anyone going to the banquet?


I’d go! I can get super cheap flights to Orlando from here. Are you close?


I’m :pray:t3: to go!! I’m only 1.5 hours away! I didn’t see any classes I would be interested in, unless they added since I looked.


I’m thinking about it. Never been to that one. Anybody have any insight? I’d like to know how it compares to Rose in terms of size, number of vendors, etc. i know Rose has more reborns.


Esther! I would love to see your dolls In person!! And so many I admire!


I live in Orlando so only about a 20 minute drive for me! I bought tickets to the banquet and also trying to decide whether I want to do the baby shower as well.


Thank you so much. You should definitely come on one of the two days. :blush:


20 mins? You’re super close. Im 3 1/2 hours away.


I’m definitely going to try!!


I wanna go. I’ve been looking at airfare for the last month. Trying to find a reasonable rate. Then I gotta find a hotel to stay at. My best friend that lives in Kansas is gonna meet me at the hotel.


Mee Too! I would love to meet everyone from this forum and their creations in person! I am planning to go, or at least I’ve got my vacation approved for that time :blush:
I didn’t signed for any classes.


I have family nearby and I’ve been considering it. None of the classes have interested me yet. But meeting y’all would more than make up for it.


Ladies I can get a round trip flight there for $90! If anyone is going that would be staying at the hotel & would want to split a room for a night or two, let me know. I believe they are $150 per night. I would stay from late Thursday night through Sunday flying home Sunday.


I would love to attend classes but I don’t have the time and money. It would just be a day out for me lol But I would so love it. I’m afraid I would want to buy dolls :scream::rofl:


I am afraid that I will leave with a few bears, as is is International Dolls and Teddy show :rofl:


I love bears much more than dolls lol I know, it’s not the norm. :rofl:


We are driving in from Georgia! I am not teaching this year. Just going to have fun but I also will be at table 101 with a few babies.


Can you compare it to Rose ? I’m trying to decide which one to go to. :slight_smile:


You better stay away from there. It’s both of your passions in on place. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Blissfulbabies and @colee1970 have been to both as visitors, they may be able to help