Identifying Adorable Sculpt

Ive been looking up pictures to help me reborn and I came across the cutest sculpt I thinkIve ever seen. Can anyone help me identify her? Im drawing blanks!


I think it’s Milaine by Evelina Wosnjuk.

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yep, it is milaine and she IS a totally adorable little girl… (who ever the artist was did a great job too!)


Shes sooo expensive :’( perhaps one day when I am confident in my skills I will attempt her :frowning: with where I am at now, working on such an expensive kit would be terrifying! She will be my goal/dream baby!


That is an adorable baby! You can always purchase it and wait to reborn her when you’re ready.


If you wait too long to buy it you might not be able to get it. That’s happened to me a few times when I had to save my dolly dollars first.

I wish I could afford the 90$ for her kit :’( I hope I dont lose my chance!

You need to “friend” the FB page and watch for her to list the baby at $62.00 as one of the daily specials:

She also sells through eBay and has this baby for $80.95 plus shipping. You can contact her through FB and ask her what her price would be on this kit if you got it outside of eBay. offers layaway and free shipping over $100