I need an idea so lets do a contest

I am doing a craft fair on November 3 and do not have a lot of money. They said each exhibitor has to donate a door prize. I of course wish mine to be reborn related but what? I have come up with some ideas but I thought there are so many imaginative ladies here I would ask for ideas and who ever comes up with the idea my daughter in law helps me pck I will send a Christmas something to.

Thank you I can not crochet but I could do the blanket.

What about reborning a mini doll. I found one at a thrift store that had vinyl hands, feet and head. It wouldn’t take much time being so tiny. You could find a little basket to put it in.

Kim did you buy it? I do not have one.

I’ll be thinking!

ok good deal

Debora, I bought one from either St. Vincent de Paul or Goodwill. I am sure that if you decide to do a mini, I can send you one. I have a bunch. I know I have some that are all vinyl and some that have a soft body. Let me know what you decide.

Here is a little one that I created about 4 or 5 years ago. She’s about 6 inches long. Not sure if I have a similar face available or not. I will look.

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I am doing 4 craft shows this fall and a few of the craft shows require a donation. I usually give them an 11" Berenguer LaBaby that I reborn. You can usually find them at KMart.


I’m not sure, but I don’t think so.

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Here is a little one that I created about 4 or 5 years ago. She’s about 6 inches long. Not sure if I have a similar face available or not. I will look.

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My gosh how adorable Kim!

I love the little one that you did, Kim. Now if we could only find ones with a face like that! I found a small one that Target makes and am going to try rooting one with mohair this week. The llama hair was a little too coarse and the hair sticks up too much.

Debora, is the craft fair something for all kinds of craft dealers or just doll people? Just wondering if making some kind of Christmas decoration would be more acceptable. But I like the reborn ideas of course! Maybe you could do a little doll reborn into a baby Jesus by wrapping it in a simple blanket and cloth diaper in a basket with some hay. That way it would appeal to people who collect dolls or others. I know some people don’t celebrate Christmas but something like that they could even give away. If Kim can’t send you a doll right away, I can throw another one in the box I’m mailing you. They are only about 6-8" long. You could just take the head off, unstuff the body (so the stuffing doesn’t catch fire!) and reborn it with the arms and legs on. I may have a little basket that I got used but I’m not sure. I have to check to see if this doll fits in it. That is if you like the idea!

Thank you Kim that is a beautiful baby. My daughter in law will have issues but I bet the little baby will be the winner. If I had time and some I guess I could sell some. It is a craft fair with all kinds of crafts. I have no idea how many will be there but it is a big building and I heard it was almost sold out and there are a couple of weeks to go. Thank heavens. I wish I could find cheap dolls like you ladies do I guess if I were out at Jonesboro more I might. I have been away from home for so long that I want to be home. My husband says if I keep this up I will become a hermit I see nothing wrong with that! No seriously I have way to much going on in my world to become a hermit. I am just so happy to get Thanksgiving and Christmas off this year. I have not had them off but 1 time each since 2005. EMS goes 24/7/365. We have holidays with our other families. Anyway I would love to have a 6 inch baby and if anyone have some to spare, I would gladly buy them. I have pay pal and would send Friday when hubby gets paid. I have to get back to rooting but first I want to do my first bi-racial baby.

I have to go over to town this week and I should be able to pick some up for you. The ones Target has are 8" and come with an outfit. I’m attaching a photo of the doll and I’m trying to remember how much they were. I have so far ordered two middle sized dolls from ebay and found more damage on both than was described …with one it doesn’t matter because I was going to give it a soft body. With thrift stores, so far I have bought a lot of Dora dolls… for my neighbor’s great niece and the prices were great. As far as reborning one, most other ones have the eyes that close…not sure whether they can just have new eyes put in. Most of those have been in the 12-15" size. The damage on the ones at the thrift store is mainly just dirt rather than missing tips of fingers or toes.

The dolls are made by Circo. I think they are under $5 with 3/4 length arms and legs. The ones in the photo are more but have a stroller or a baby seat. Circo also makes a 14"doll which is the first photo. I’ll see if I can get prices tomorrow. I forgot that they also have a full vinyl body baby with a bathtub.

I took a couple of photos of the little ones that I was working on reborning…excuse the shine due to acrylic thinners. I am deciding against the sparse hair on these. I’m going to add more hair and make them more on the age range of a 9 month old. But this will give you an idea of the detail.

Those are cute our closest Target is in Little Rock which is 3.5 hours away. Let me know how much.