I need a match! HELP!

This is my great niece. Do you know of any kits that match her? Thank you!!!

Well I am not the best at this but I think with the right skin tones an Areilla would be a good match!!!

Ariella is a good suggestion.
When I first saw the pic BB Shyann came right to mind!

Shyann from BB. Their lips are a perfect match!

I say shyann also perfect right down to the lips… sherrie

Shyanne, most definatly!

I would say either one of those sculpts would work great! I depends on what size you want as Ariella is a larger baby than Shyann, Either one would make an excellent look-alike.

Good Eye girls!!! your really good at this.

I saw Shyann before I read any of the replies!

I seen shyann soon as I seen her…