I may have a problem


Posting this to facebook would be just begging for ridicule but I thought y’all would appreciate where I’m coming from…I’ve been down with the flu for three days-just making it from bed to couch and back is hard work but I have been seriously considering venturing downstairs to my craft room to try to work on my doll. She really needs to be completed. All this time I could have been painting but instead I am forced to lay on the couch and watch tv all day…it’s so unfair! Is this the sign of an addict?


I think everyone on here is an addict, that’s how we got here in the first place! :hushed:The forum should be called Reborn’s Anonymous. You are not alone.:relieved:


Eh, I’m not much help. I think about reborns pretty much all the time. :joy:
Get well soon. :wink:




Hi, my name is Tiffany and I am a dollaholic!




Thank you!


I am so moody now cause I’m packing up all my pretties. :worried: I am mad and sad, lol!


Why are you packing up your pretties?


I am packing to move, lol! @ZeldaDawn


I hope you feel better soon :slightly_smiling_face:! I’m starting to find that I’ve become so addicted to reborning that I get annoyed when I have to do other things lol…


Get well soon so you can get to work. I need to pretend to be sick so I can have a few reborning days.


What a pain:( hope all goes smoothly and you like your new place!


I’m definitely feeling torn now that the weather is a bit nicer. I’d love to be digging in the dirt outside but I just can’t stop rolling.


Just make sure it’s only a fake sick day and not the flu :slight_smile:


I had the flu in Jan. Not fun at all. Didn’t even feel like reborning.


I too was sick in January. I didn’t Reborn or do anything for 3 weeks. Once I felt better I have been nonstop. I just got 5 custom orders so I will be a busy bee! Hope you feel better!!


Thanks guys. I’m feeling much better and even worked all weekend. Tomorrow I’m off and the weather is supposed to be terrible so no guilt over spending all day painting in the basement. Finally!


Glad you’re feeling better and will have time to paint. :blush: