I hate the feel

I have just finished 2 babies. Well almost I have finished painting I did the last coat of alive medium and I hate the way it feels. Is there anything to put a texture to our babies without this awful feeling? Should I have done this first? What would I use to seal it? This is my first GHSP babies.

I use air dry so really no help to you,but would like to know how they compare to the ghsp what do you think looks better?

The GHSP I love the look I had to get over the fear of melting my babies. I would never go back to air dry paint again.

Debora, I know what you mean about the feel. I think that feel will always be there when you use some kind of finish at the end. It can be a bit smoother. You just have to really pounce, pounce with a sponge to spread it out more. I don’t use it very often because of the feel. I like the plain ol’ vinyl feel. Too bad we can’t get that dewy look from a wash!!

I think I got it at BB. It is a thinner that gives some texture when pounced on. I will try to get a picture when I get home Wednesday am. I am only working a 48 hour shift this time.

Sometimes people use matte varnish on the pieces before they start if there are problems with the vinyl—shiny, oily, etc. Looks Alive is a medium that is put on after the painting is finished to give a dewy look to the skin.

Thank you Kim this is the first time I have ever used it and I mixed it with thinning gel and half brush of 8 skin tone and a tiny bit of blue.

I went back and mixed it differently I like it a lot better. I think I got mine at shoot I do not remember if not at BB

BB sells it. I think it might be unique to BB.