I got a Knitting loom set


You win !


I have only been here for a few months but I love this town!


Been here many years now over all I prefer it to the surrounding places it just stays small and everyone seems to like it that way .


That’s not a small town! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
My town, Earth, Tx takes about a minute to drive through. There is one 4 way stop on Main Street. No traffic lights. A convenience store (Allsups), a grocery store, a meat locker, a lumber yard with no lumber, a mechanic, a pizza place, a boutique, a diner, and the farm irrigation store we are opening. That’s about it. About 1000 people.


This is where I was raised :wink: Wallowa ,Oregon


Wow they are small, and beautiful!


Jenni, is this in Eastern Oregon?


Up in the northeastern corner :slight_smile:
Red circle is where I grew up… blue circle is the closest Walmart, McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, street lights, etc


Oh, you had to go around the mountain, lol!


Wow, I consider my area small but I have a Walmart close by (2 miles) and three more within 5 to 7 miles.


Checked on line for the white yarn at Walmart it is available but not for store pick up that one if you order comes from another place .
Oh well I am busy working on my 4 sleeve sweater tight now anyway :smile: I say 4 because of my lack of attention to my pattern this time around .
The sweater is made in parts however the sleeves are attached on the loom not separate then sewed on so of course I got the first sleeve done to the last 6 rows and had to start over .
Then I attached it to the sweater on the loom and got it loaded wrong so it was being knitted wrong side out and didn’t notice that until within 3 rows of finish lol 3rd sleeve was done correct whew .
So number 4 sleeve when I started it everything was checked and double checked before I started and after so that one I only did once it is my 4 sleeve sweater .
After all that I do not think I will give this one away good reminder to keep around pay attention!!


Here’s my hometown, Moulton, TX…population 823! We have a Family Dollar, 2 gas stations, and 2 restaurants. My graduating class had 19 people in it :yum:


I love me some small towns! :heart:


Yes. :slight_smile: There are only 3 roads into the county :wink: LOL

And all of them sucked in the winter.
It is beautiful and I miss it. I hate being with lots of people… But I like less snow and more places to run to if I need something. I don’t have to plan a day trip to shop or ask every one I know if they are headed over and if they can grab something for me when there. lol

I had to order diapers to get them delivered or buy at Safeway but it cost more… when I had kids I lived in Joseph and the Safeway is in Enterprise, so I had to still drive 7 miles to get there.


My 4 sleeve sweater done done done done done so done
with this one anyway thinking about another color combo .


You did not just cables on a loom!! You are the loom master :joy::heart:


I looked at the same knitting loom the other night at Michaels. I thought to myself, nope you don’t need that. :worried:


I sure did that is the two stitch cross over cable I plan on trying another one soon I use to do the cables on needles so I sure wanted to figure out how to do it on the loom :smile:
PS did more cables than I needed to but I wanted the practice lol


Never too many cables lol! I think it is absolutely perfect! It has that boutique look with all the cables!


I think my building has a thousand people. We live in a high rise.