I got a Knitting loom set


Yes you do. I do too! I’m trying to justify it to myself. If you buy one, then I need one too.


@marrabo you can order from them directly. http://www.redheart.com/ Pretty yellow sweater!


Very nice ! Perfect cables !


Thanks !! I can order from Walmart as well I have to have them shipped rather than pick it up at the store from the way it looked .
Now I can get it in other colors for pick up lol that is a bit funny I will check it again I might have had something in my search off .


Thanks !


Lol, just something else for me to try for a week n then throw it in the closet. I’m surprised I haven’t stopped reborning. Too many kits to stop.


We can’t stop. The kits keep coming too fast.




We lived in a small town called Lovington, IL back in 2012 population was just over 1,000. We had 1 gas station. No grocery store, no restaurants other then a bar you could order food at. The water company had a cop/fire/ambulance station all in one. I think it was really just 1 first responder that did all 3 jobs lol. From the start of the town to the end was maybe 8 blocks if that much. We have always tried to stay in small towns everywhere we move but with larger towns within 20 miles of us.


We love small towns too. Currently live outside of Houston in a town of 3,000. Well, we actually live on acreage outside of town…but close enough!


Same here. We claim the small town. But we actually live in the middle of acreage. Fields all around. Lots and lots of fields…


That is a lot of fields! We are surrounded by cattle pastures…with fields a little farther away. Folks don’t irrigate here, so we don’t have the pretty circles, just rectangles and squares of cotton, corn, and milo LOL!


My husband owns an irrigation business. He sells and works on pivots. So those circles pay our bills. :wink: Mainly here it’s corn, milo, and wheat. Some cotton. But not as much cotton as an hour south. We have cows too. Right now the land across the road has cows. They just rotate seasonally to different areas. And if you look closely you can see a dairy at the top of that pic. There are little dairies and feedlots all over the place. Therefore, the flies are terrible.


Pipsqueak yarn I have trouble seeing where one stitch starts and the other ends with it on the loom which gave me some dropped loops I had to go fetch so not a favorite of mine to work with however it makes a very soft sweater .


Pretty yarn and sweater!


Made a little sweater to go with the cowl I made the other day. Now to figure out how to make pants, and his outfit will be complete!


OMGosh, soooo cute, good job!!




Adorbs and I love his cheeky expression.


That is perfect!