I got a Knitting loom set


Thanks after doing the duck rattle I wanted to go for this one as well lol


You should sell these!!! Let me know if you do!!!


Okay this is even cuter if that possible :heart:
I can see it also a a girl with a big pink bow on its ear or something.


Thanks ! once I figured out how to get through her instructions lol it was pretty easy I had trouble figuring out how to knit 36 pegs on a 24 peg loom .
I thought the ribbon would make a cute addition to the rattle and yeah it could go on the head or ear they could even be made as pink , yellow , white or any color elephant .


Thanks :blush: but my attempt at selling anything falls flat always has lol the pattern is on utube for anyone to use including the one for the duck .


There are 36 peg looms. Maybe that was what she was referring to?


You could just list them and sell them to us. :wink:


Totally!!! What an adorable prop, or fun thing to send home with a baby!


No she states it is a 24 peg loom when I was knitting along and came up short on pegs I went back and looked again to see if I had been mistaken .
I found the written instructions and compared it to the video and managed to get it finished the video had me knitting more than required .
Knit 3 pegs knit next 6 pegs back and forth for ear for 16 rows then knit 12 pegs start next ear knit 6 pegs back and forth for 16 rows finish off with knitting last 9 pegs - comes out 36 lol confused me


Oh I see. Yes so you can .make certain parts protrude. I am terrible at following written directions.


I watched the video first and worked along then jotted directions down as I went so I could continue on then come back after I had got to the point where she progressed on to the next step .
However the pegs came out short lol so I thought oh well pudding I had jotted it down wrong but no she did in fact say what I had written down .
So after I got that far I wasn’t about to quit so I saw where she had written instructions so I used the video and written to get something akin to what it should look like :smile:


Oh my goodness…that is precious! :heart:


Thanks !


I need one if you are selling! :wink:


No I haven’t planned on selling them I just wanted to share my newest project thanks .


Found this loom pattern, just in time for fall!


I found this just regular knitted babies, look a lot like the loom knit ones, but I just love how she tied the bottom to look like a sleeping gown.


Cute pumpkin! The babies are adorable!


Those would be doable just instead of doing the legs in the doll pattern for the loom do it straight around and use the draw string stitch cast off .


Need me some loom time :grin::heart_eyes: