I got a Knitting loom set


I made another elephant this time in blue he came out bigger and his ears are bigger too maybe he is dumbo lol


Well we all love Dumbo don’t we♥️!


Yes I love Dumbo!


I dont know about this dumbo lol


So cute, you are a natural at this! Open a You Tube channel!


No I just followed some patterns I have to admit they were kinda messed up and had to rework so it would work for me but for the most part it is all there.


I like his ears lol He my dog has long ears and we called her Dumbo as a puppy cause they weren’t in proportion with her body lol She’s better now but still has big ears


I love this pumpkin pattern soooo much! I couldn’t resist making my own little pumpkin patch!


I love the pumpkins!!! also the pics of your daughter using the loom. I bought a set for my 13 year old from Amazon, it was delivered last week. It also came with the pom pom makers, so far she’s made some pom pom for our cats LOL…and she is starting on a hat for the babies. I may play with it two but my hands are bad and Id rather save them for reborning…so Ill just put my daughter to work knitting :wink: . She loves it :slight_smile:


:joy: Looks like you just plain got busy harvesting in a big way love them !!


Those are awesome wow! It looks like a pretty simple pattern, was it?


Those are awesome!!!


It was super simple! Basically just a tiny hat. The sewing at the end was the only slightly tricky part but it was still easy. Took about 30 minutes for each pumpkin.


@Renauta427 and the rest of you happy loomers! Look at this!!!


Thanks for sharing @pschomaker


That is too cute!


Someone please figure out how to make this and then tell us how :heart_eyes::grin::laughing:


Looks like she used confetti yarn, that’s my 2 cents, lol!


It’s a great start, I own some of that already😁


make a hat with a rib brim in color of choice then continue with the confetti in regular knit stitch or knit a row purl a row crochet a cherry for the top would probably work .