I did it... I really did it

I bought the NuWave oven tonight at BJ’s! Not even gonna open it yet… No sense until we get moved.

Please… Somebody that has their NuWave down pat… Please list me some instructions LOL. I haven’t ever melted a baby and I don’t want to start now.


Congratulations Mandy you’re gonna LOVE it !! When you get ready to use it just check the spyglass and type in NuWave and you will get more info than you will ever need. But just let us know when you are ready and we are here for you with
anything you need.

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You’ll lone it. I’ve been baking my Kate at 70 for 7-8 mins. Have fun!

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Congrats Mandy! I know you are itching to use it.

You’re going to LOVE your NuWave!!! Settings I use:

Cook time: 8 mins
Power Level: 7

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Ok this might be a dumb question but the baby parts don’t touch each other in there do they? And will I put a towel or something in the bottom?

Somebody send me a pic of a baby in the oven please lol.

Thanks for all the advise :slight_smile:

No, they shouldn’t touch anything !!! Not the sides or each other. Yes put something in the bottom preferably something without a texture. In other words a smooth white cloth folded up. Mandy, check the spyglass and I’m sure you will see a picture of the baby parts in the NuWave. I usually put the head in the center and the limbs around it. You may need to put some polyfil or a rolled washrag around the neck area if you feel like it may tip over.

Here is some pictures with Samantha being the model none of her body parts are touching but it is a close fit and I don’t think All of Rowan or bigger Toddlers will all fit.

I am using two folded hand towels in the bottom of my Nuwave oven, I use the setting 8 minutes for on Level 7 also. I keep an eye on the Temperature.

Ok I didn’t think they were supposed to touch anywhere. I didn’t realize you could even get that much in there. Thank you for the visual .

Some of those parts look like they are touching each other though lol

So you put all the parts on towels in the bottom of the oven with the extender ring in place? Then the top fits on it? Sorry… I haven’t even taken it out of the box lol

None of the vinyl parts are touching each other except in the first picture where Samantha is showing her pretty face

Yes, I do and it works good too, just make sure the vinyl parts aren’t touching each other or anything other than the towels and it should be fine, the parts can sit close to each other as long as you have at least 1inch space to allow for some expanding of the vinyl as it heats up.

The second picture is the best way to put the parts in for me. I put the legs first then the head and then the arms.

Thanks so much! I plan to bake out on the lanai. Yall have been a great help.

Congrats Mandy! You’ll love it!

I have had a head topple over, so I use the washcloth method. Here is a photo of mine.