I am not sure about this



Oh goodness


My brother ex-wife just give birth to her 3rd child thursday, at 33 weeks …so see this make me a bit sad. Hopefully her little boy will be fine.
I understand someone would want a preemie reborn, but why all those accessories ? It’s sad.


Not sure what you are not sure about.I have been seeing people do the NICU Babies forever.Or is it something else you question?


Maybe you have to be there within. It is probably very healing for some.


I’ve seen things like that before. Isn’t my style.
Probably some people like it, as they do tend to sell. But I think most would prefer a ‘healthy’ baby.


I actually made a preemie nicu baby once for a friend who’s daughter survived being a preemie and her time as a nicu baby(born 7 weeks early) but I did not do the tubes and tape and such. The mom wanted her for a reminder of how far her daughter had come. It will be a special buyer for that reborn.


I have made and sold more than a few NICU babies with equipment. Mine aren’t raw or unhealthy looking though. Lots of small babies…like twins, need to be in the NICU for a while just to put on weight and be monitored for a while. I sold one that I saw resold for $200 more than I got for him.


I just cannot imagine having this particular one in my house to look at it everyday.


Yeah not my cup of tea either. I lost a nephew to being born way too early and for me it would be too painful to look at day in and day out. Others might find it helpful and that is just fine but you wouldn’t catch me with this doll.


It makes me sad too.I have seen many of them though.I guess some people love them.


Well now maybe you need to make more and up your price on them,if a pre-owned went up that much.