I am new to forums and baby dolls. I need some advice

I am new to this forum and any forum for that fact. I have only been making these babies for about 3 months now. I have included some pictures of some of the dolls that I have completed. Feel free to give me feedback whether good or bad. I love art and this is a great choice for me. I always chose acrylic as my favorite to paint with but when I started painting baby dolls I went with Genesis HS. I have ordered LCD because of all of the warnings that it is not safe to bake or heat vinyl and I have small nieces who like to help and lots of customers whom are buy these dolls for there children. I feel it may be a better choice. I have heard though that others say that you can achieve the splotchyness of genesis with the LCD and they don’t look as real. Can anyone let me know if this is true or not before I try them. Thanks for all of your help.

[attachment=2]Baby Aisha18.jpg[/attachment][attachment=1]A7.jpg[/attachment][attachment=0]Baby Eli8.jpg[/attachment]

Here are a few more pics of babys. They appear to be very large.

And Last but not least and then I will stop posting photos. Thanks for looking.
Waugbee Babies

Congratulations! that is a lot of babies in just 3 months! and I certainly would never have guessed you are new to the craft! You are very talented!
As for you concerns for the paint, this is what I believe, SOMEONE else MAY HAVE RESEARCHED AND KNOW BETTER…Genesis paint is non toxic according to the labels. The odorless thinner used maybe another issue. It is recommended to use genesis thinner as it is non toxic and made to compliment the paint. My understanding is the concerns are the fumes from heating the vinyl! and possibly contaminating food cooked in the same oven as the vinyl. Many artist have a separate oven outside or in their garage just for just dolls. I have never heard of anyone having concerns with genesis paint once the paint is set and the doll is put together. I have never used LCD so I have no idea how it compares!

Thanks for your information on the paints. I was just worried about little kids kissing on the dolls and that sort of thing and then getting sick from it. Thanks for your compliments. I have worked hard in those three months. A lot of none stop work from daylight till dark and that sort of thing. Thanks again

Welcome to the bountifulbaby forum! Your babies are lovely!! I have never used the LCD paints, but I do know that Debbie has posted a really nice tutorial on how to use them. You can find the tutorial here on the doll dreams site:
http://www.dolldreams.net/tutorial.htmDebbie is so sweet…you can email her with questions and she is really great about answering them!

Thanks, I will check out the tutorial. They should arrive tomorrow and I think I will give it a go by this weekend. I have lots of new kits that I just can’t wait to paint. I love painting! I will let everyone know how well I can get them to work and if they are hard to work with or not. Thanks, again.