How much would you say you have spent in reborning

And how much would you say you have made -in how long?
I have been reborning for about 6 years and have spent about $5500-I have made about $1000=$4500 in the red ouch !!!

Cute babies !!!

I have made a lot more money than I have spent but the way things have been going lately it seems that is about to change.
A couple of years ago, I made a pretty decent salary doing reborns. With the raised eBay fees, supplies going up and dolls sale for less than half of what they use too, it has become more of a hobby that pays for itself. I love reborns, so I will never give it up completely but I cannot take a loss. I have no problem just reborning for my family at cost and for myself if it is a must have sculpt.


Gosh i’m afraid to figure it out. If i had all that money i could probably be able to make a house payment. But i’m lucky to have a husband who never complains about how much i spend. He see’s how much i enjoy reborning. But i make sure all our bills are paid first before i buy anything and when i do i let him know and i know he appreciates that. But i also only order the supplies if i really need them. I remember a few months ago i was going to stop reborning cause i was getting frustrated with myself and he told me not to to just keep trying.


I have been reborning since 2003 and spent way too much and still spending.

well …I am not about to figure it out as ignorance is bliss…

— Begin quote from “Handy Denise”

well …I am not about to figure it out as ignorance is bliss…

— End quote

I agree… I rather not think about it. If I start calculating, some one is going to make me pay it back!

LOL -My Hubby is a numbers man -Never complains thou, When I got the new ones he just said -well you only have 150 kits ! of course you need more !!!