How much would you py for baby outfit?

I wanted for my Marina something in crisp white and ice blue, but she is definitely a girl. Nobody seems to make anything baby blue for girls. In the end I found a white dress with light blue trim in my stash. LOL But before remembering I have it, I spend many hours looking around internet for something suitable, thinking I do not care how much I pay if I find something perfect. Found nothing even close, but saw some onesies for mere $650!!! Considering that real babies tend to grow out of their clothes in matter of weeks I wonder who pays such a ridiculous price for baby clothes? I thought $100 is expensive …
What is the most you would have spent on one outfit for a doll? I did pay little bit over $100 for christening gown.

Honestly, I think it I intended to keep the doll, and it was truly special to me, I would buy a dress I loved, not based so much on pricing, but whether I really liked the outfit. A Christening dress maybe, but nothing so extravagant for baby clothes because I believe you can find lovely fancy clothing for well under $100.00…( just my opinion, but anything more than that you are paying for the name of the shop or designer.)

If I were selling the baby, again I wouldn’t put a great investment in the clothing either because the person who buys may want to dress it other than what I have sent.

So, that being said - the real babies come into this world naked, and we put on a “coming home” outfit - that’s usually what I do when I sell a doll - a coming home outfit. If ever I commanded prices in 4 or more figures I might reconsider, but I would never spend even near $100.00 for a doll dress - where would any profit be?


I do not spend an exceptional amount of money on the clothes my babies are going home with. If I were making the baby as a gift or special order I may consider spending a bit more on a dress or outfit but it would have to be factored into the price. I think most people who buy babies in the forum I use to sell (mainly ebay) do not buy them for the clothes. I think some keep what I put on them and purchase new articles and some may not even keep what I send. I am always on the lookout for sales on baby outfits in small sizes that I can use in the future so I pick them up as I go. Honestly if I could sew and had time I would probably make my own.

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