How many times have you seen a post like this?


OMG, people really don’t read anything!!!
when I sold on ebay, I wrote every little nit-picking detail, and people would write and ask everything that was in the ad


That’s a dinglehopper. Charge extra for the Disney magic experience.


I get these emails all the time.

I find it curious that a person goes to a site, sees a baby listed for 400 bucks and sends the seller an email asking if they can get that baby or another one like it for 200 bucks and can you toss in some clothes and diapers and toys and a coffee pot.


I think it has a lot do do with the marketing of the Made in China reborns that all say “silicone reborn”

I have contacted sellers about…25 times letting them know this is not silicone and it is false advertisement.

I have had three replies back

“thank you, I am only posting what the information from the distributer”