How did I even get here!? lol

Sooo I don’t even know how I stumbled upon making Reborn Babies, but it happened about 2 weeks ago. I was really excited to start this new venture, my boyfriend was a bit more hesitant. Maybe it’s cause I have this crazy ADD/OCD that causes me to go on crafting rampages lol. I was only going to start out purchasing 2 kits and see how hard it was gonna be. Then BB decided to have that wisely planned Easter Sale (curse you!!! lol). So far I have purchased 13 kits!!! I have to admit I was/am a little intimidated to start. I have started on the Londyn kit as my first, and I must say I am absolutely in LOVE!!! So far the first part has been easy from my standards, the only thing that is left that I’m a bit intimidated by is the rooting. I know what my OCD wants it to look like, but I know it might take me a few tries. I am soooo excited to have found BB and this forum! Everyone seems so nice, and it feels like family already
Kits Purchased:
Newborn Eliza
Newborn Crystal
Fei Yen

It is addictive. I am working on baby number 4, also just ordered Anna who was on sell, love her, she looks so sweet. I have 17 kits left, 2 in which I bought in a lot on Ebay and am stripping. They were limited edition kits. 18 counting Anna. I have spent way too much money on this, am now broke, lol But it’s fun, and so exciting when you finish a baby. As far as rooting, look under tutorials, there are a ton of links there to some great tutorials. My biggest suggestion is to take your time. I rooted my first baby 3 times, oh also rinse your mohair if it is a dark color in hot water until you see no dye, because my first baby is stained blue all over her face, ears neck, and head. I am going to have to strip her and redo her, even though her hair is mostly done and looks so nice unless I keep her a smurf baby, lol. Oh, and don’t slit the eyes on closed eye babies for eyelashes, too difficult too reglue shut. My third baby who is the Jacob kit now has permanent slits, couldn’t get them glued after about 3 pairs of eyelashes and 20 tries to get to glue shut. These are my mistakes, lol. Have fun, and Best of luck with your babies, can’t wait to see yours when it’s finished.
PS. I think the forum is just as addictive as reborning the babies, and the people here are great!!

Yeah with my ADD/OCD I need to have things super organized!!! And now I actually have my own crafting space for all my various crafts, so I’m super excited!!!

I usually live in “organized” chaos, but I have finally reached that point in my life, where I am stable enough to put in some roots! Big kudos to my boyfriend who is extremely patient with my ADD!! Bless his heart!! LOL I figured for both our sanity I would organize them in the shoe size totes that don’t take up too much space and can be stacked. When I get my orders, in each tote I put everything needed for that baby: kit, correct body, eyes, plugs, etc. That way I don’t have to go searching for anything every time I start a new baby. I have even come up with my own spread sheet so I know what babies I have on hand, babies I still want to order, and when I order them it already lists correct body #'s, if I need eyes and what size, kit cost, what my retail and sale prices might be, etc. I really go OCD on this kinda stuff!!!

I was think of the “pull a name out of a hat” method of order!!

I don’t think I could let anyone else mess with my baby creations!! I am a perfectionist when it comes to what I want things to look like, plus my boyfriend has bad eye sight!

welcome to our addiction.

Lol! I didn’t go as far as you did when buying kits. BB wasn’t having a sale! XD I did start out with 9 kits, 5 of them BB kits. (Hubby said only 2 at a time…) I’m holding out for another HUGE BB sale to purchase 6 more!

Your first baby looks great! I look forward to seeing more!

Awww thank you very much! I don’t mind at all!

Wow, you’re doing a GREAT job on your first baby and welcome to the forum!! Can’t wait to see more of your creations : )

Welcome!!! This is a great site for learning and having ladies to talk to who aren’t pretty sure you are nuts. I admire your neatness, I, myself, am scared to death of the “O” word. Maybe one of these days, I will attempt it, not right away! Your first baby is a real cutie. It is a calling, really, to paint these little guys. I think you have to love babies and art. I really am afraid to count how many kits I have stashed, I tell myself, no more, then I see one that is so stinkin’ cute,I can’t stand it and off I go! You will have a great time, I know, the first one is amazing and the next one more amazing, and more and more fun. Welcome.

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I just got interested in reborning about a month ago and my entire walk in closet has become filled , any space not taken up by clothes and shoes that is!!). My hubby is getting the garage set up for me with shelves and stuff and fixing the plug out there for my New Wave oven, but until then everything is crammed in here.

I’m not even going to get started on the paint, supplies, Mohair, eyes etc. I have a whole huge box full of Mohair, and tons of eyes.
Yeah, I’ve been bitten by the reborn bug pretty hard!!

My family is used to it though, hubby and I have 4 kiddos, I tend to be pretty obsessive and get into everything full force!!

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LOL We must descend from the same bloodline!! I purchased a NuWave oven as well with the extender ring, and I LOVE it!!!

I hope you have some sort of “Organizational System” planned out for your new craft space!!

I have 3 kids and my boyfriend has 2. We have been together for 1 year this month! So I think he has adjusted well to my craziness, because he’s still here! LOL but he would rather us have our own baby instead of me making fake ones!

As far as the Avatar, you had to size it down pretty small for it to take. I have to shrink mine in “PAINT”, once you open up your picture in PAINT, at the top it will say “RESIZE” and just play with the numbers until it looks to be about 1"-2" in size. Then it should upload just fine. The Signature, I just used text, cause I don’t know how to do anything fancy with that just yet

I am only a member of 2 forums. This one and one for a TV show I’m a lil obsessed with. Pretty new to the whole forum thingy. Just tryin to find like minded people I can relate to!

I can relate too! I am 31, and have been “legally” married to my ex for 12 years. We met when I was in high school. But that is a whole other story LOL.

I am so happy I found BB and this forum. Most other sites are out dated, and abandoned!!

My advice for rooting is to buy a technique test head and practice in 2 inch areas until you get the hang of it. Also, a rooting pen works really well and is easier than the mushroom shaped tool. You can put in 1-3 needles at a time so it’s good for wispy or thick hair. Experiment with needle sizes, too. The larger ones don’t break as easily but they can leave visible holes. Good luck.

I was wondering how much mohair does it take to do the average head? I bought 1 pack each of 3 different colors. I’m just worried I don’t have enough of one color to do a complete head. Thanks!

Thank you for all the valuable information. I just started rooting today! I’m only doing 14"-23" babies. I took the gamble and tied off/cut the mohair in half from BB. I figured if I rooted it as is I would be cutting off half of it anyway and wasting it. I have been cutting hair since I was 13, so I’m not so much concerned with hair flow/placement. But more so the “holes” left behind. I think I will definitely try your suggestion of putting the head back in the oven after I’m done. I’m using a 36 REGULAR. I am pretty happy with the results so far. I will post more pics the farther along I go!

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