How Can It Be---

How in the world can you have a kit that has wonderfully soft limbs and a head that is literally HARD AS A ROCK!!! I mean if you tap on the head with your nail it sounds like tapping on a floor!!! Obviously these head and limbs are NOT cast out of the same vinyl. Do they get the limbs from one source and the heads from another?? This is just NOT normal. BB doesn’t have this problem, their kits match, limbs to head. I am confused here!!


What kit is it? Do the colors all look the same, maybe they got mixed up from different kits?

Who are you doing? I had a very difficult time with BB’s Jessie.

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What kit are you doing?

First I’ll answer Tiffiny: No these kits are not mixed up they were advertised just like they look.
Diane; I am doing a kit named AMMAAN from Macphersons, It’s a cute kit but oh my gosh that hard head. I did a Linda Scherer kit that had a hard head and I said I would never do it again----but here I am about to start this hard headed kit, UGG! You just never know when you purchase a kit what they are going to be like, I love Bountiful Baby!!! Oh and BTW this kit is also a really funky color, Kind of orangeish, brownish, yuk, lots of color correcting and I’m not too good at that.

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I found that for the orangish brownish colored vinyl use a mint wash with a little bit of vein blue added to get a teal blueish color if you want the kit a lighter color to start your painting off. I learned that from someone else on this forum. I hope that helps you some. It may take more than one wash.


I hate when you run across a hard little head. I have a hard enough time rooting due to arthritis, without having to struggle with a tough noggin.

Thank you Miranda, I will give it a try.

Me too Diane!

I am doing an old kit, Jette Snoops, that the head is so darn hard and yes the limbs are soft. No way is it the same vinyl although the color is the same. I am not looking forward to rooting this head. She just may get wigged!

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That’s exactly how mine is. I bet they have the vinyl made in two different places, that’s the only thing that makes sense to me.


I had a horrible time with Jessie thought it was just me.

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In th past I reborned several very soft European vinyl dolls, and they had the beautiful soft vinyl, with lovely bendable fingers, but I found the heads very difficult to root; the vinyl was so soft that it have away and the needle was not easy to stick through the vinyl, and then it did not grab the mohair; often the hair was falling out faster than I was rooting it, unless I was gluing as I went… The head had to be stuffed to be able to be rooted, and then some of the hair would get caught in the stuffing and came out when pulled out. Another problem was that the head always felt too soft, does not matter how much you stuffed it when finished, and trying to make it more firm only distorted the facial features. Obviously, there were complaints about these heads. Later on I got another one of these kits and it still had very soft limbs but he head was hard; it was not difficult to root once heated. I actually loved it

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I purchased that kit also and mine has the head harder than the limbs also, hoping it softens when it bakes. Cause I thought the kit is cute and for a good cause also.

I bought Luli kit by Adrie Stoate. It is a gorgeous Asian sculpt. The description said soft vinyl, easy to root…

It came with my choice of mix and match limbs. The limbs are soft, but the head is hard as a brick!

I have not done anything with her yet…

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That is the way number of the European kits are made nowadays. I like it that way; they have soft limbs with bendable fingers, but the heads are nice and firm. The soft heads were not easy to root as the vinyl would give way unless you stuffed the head first and that also created problems. Not to mention that you had to be very careful how you filled the head so the facial features would not be distorted.