Honest critique

I know -I love that lil boy and want to kiss hims lil face off !!!

Cindy i use 42 crown.

I could not use a German forked untill I got the pink rooting pen (joanns has them -they are by clover and are about $14) Once you drop your needle (uncut) into the pen and find the sweet spot you jut pick the pen up in that place again -it has a small tab that helps you know where and boy you can root away -from then on just drop your needle into that same hole and its like you never changed the needle!!! Love it !!!

How very generous of you experienced ladies to offer this! I know it will be a while before my work can compare to the beauties I’ve seen, and I definitely would ask someone on the Forum for their point of view. It’s all new learning. Thank you Cher, et al., for such a great suggestion and kindly way to help.

oh darn, I was just at JoAnn’s today and wandered around because I knew there was something I was supposed to look for…that was it. The little rooting pen. aaaagggghhhh. Oh well I will probably be back on Wednesday. I have so many projects to finish before Next weekend I should just camp in their parking lot. Not enough coupons to go around this time of the year. I really want to make these crazy forked needles work.

I started to post pics but they needed to be resized so Ill do it tomorrow -going Nite-nite !!!

I have never heard of these pink pens and I’ve never tried a forked needle what size 42 can someone link me to the right needles from bb that you have had a great experience with please

Hi Katie, I thought I was still using 42g but the only ones I seem to have are the 43g single barb from BB #4507. They are very fine and will sometimes bend but I just keep using the rounded needle until it breaks. I am going to get one of the rooting pens Cher was talking about and see if that helps. If you have never used a single barb needle before it is very important that the barb is down so you are able to grab the hair.
If you don’t want a needle quite that thin, Gina from NoniesAngelNursery.com has some 42g. Let us know how they work for you.

What I love about the German forked is they are super strong !! They will go dull but they almost never break !!!