Home reborn displays

What do you guys do to display your reborns at home? Especially those who do not have a lot of space. I’d love to see pics!


I have enough room but some are in bins and take turns, lol. Someone had a bookshelf and displayed their doll laying down on each shelf. You could do 2 to a shelf. Can’t wait to see pics of ideas!

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Mine are mostly all in this old crib :hugs:


I just rearrange my studio this afternoon. I just put them on a shelf. Some are mine and some are waiting for pictures.


Mine sits in a little doll car seat with a blanket over it on my painting table

I actually have the space now, so he stays in a crib (only one keeper) but the dolls awaiting homes chill there also.
When we didn’t have much space, I got a small skinny book case at big lots for about $14 and it allowed for 6 laying down or 12 sitting and only took a small amount width wise of space, then just put folded blanket under like a bed

I don’t have good pictures right now, but mine are in a bookshelf. I have one or two babies a shelf. It saves a lot of space and nicely displays them all at the same time.