Here's one for your blocked bidder list

Hi- did she have any feedback? Once in a while I get someone with zero or just one feedback. The last one I was going to cancel but then a good person outbid her anyway. I think it is reasonable to expect at lease 5-10 positive scores before accepting a bid.

We all have to start somewhere. Imagine where we’d all be if nobody sold to use until we had 5-10 feedback? I do ask them to contact me before bidding if they are new to ebay just so they know they can’t bid and not pay. It seems that with having to contact me, they realize they must be serious when bidding. It helps.

That is sick and yes, eBay should support the sellers a little more. Its a shame we can’t reach out to the real doll collectors in the world and direct them elsewhere for the sales of our dolls! LOL

— Begin quote from “Karen in NE”

Karen, I totally agree! If there was another place to sell my babies, I’d be there.

— End quote

You could try etsy but they just don’t get the massive draw like ebay…unfortunately we are all in the same boat when it comes to selling our babies on ebay.