Help choosing BB sculpt for portrait baby

I am wanting to being work on another baby doll that resembles one of my grandsons. Here is baby Matthew…please, help me choose a BB sculpt for him. sorry that two of my photos are sideways…giggle.

What a gorgeous little boy…look at those big blue eyes!

Yep, I agree with Tammy on RAINE!

Gorgeous is right -I also see Raine. I like that sculpt anyway, but he looks very close!

Oh, you all are the best…I had not even considered that one, and I must have been blind…giggle…thanks so much for your help…

And don’t forget…we’ll be wanting to see pictures!

Ok, Karen…at the moment I am working on another grandson, Davis. But when I finish that doll, I will begin on Matthew and show you all. This is so much fun.

You are sooooo, so blessed to have grandbabies! I can hardly wait till I get some…or even ONE…heck, I’ll take anything. I’ve asked my boys to PLEASE get me a grandchild before they put me in the home; I’m not getting any younger.

Karen - you made me laugh - I said the same thing to my son Domenic! So please don’t give up hope!

My Domenic was married at age 26 in 1998 to his high school sweetheart. My first grandchild didn’t come along until 6 years later (in 2004) when Domenic was 33! I had nearly given up any hope, but now I have two beautiful grandchildren - Lorenzo & Gianna.

That’s my choice too.