Help! asap!

Anyone ever have a piece of clothing bleed color onto their vinyl this has happened to one of my customers dolls and I’m trying to think of everything that might possibly get it off!!! Suggestions PLEASE and thank u!!!

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Do you have any ‘zit’ creme with 5 or 10 percent peroxide? Just dab on stain and sit in sunny area for a day should help remove stain…if still stained, add more creme and repeat process until stain is gone. Hope this helps! This is what I have been told to do.

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Thank u!! This is what I told her. She’s going to go buy some and try it

I had this happen to me and I used the zit cream. Took many applications but it worked.

I thought the zit cream takes the paint off. I dont think there is anything you can do without taking the paint off. I have had this happen when i was rooting a head. it rubbed up against my clothes. i had to use brush cleaner to strip the area slightly. luckily it was just the nose so i could reblush it easily

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Was it red fabric? I think I remember having somebody warn against clothing the babies in red because of that. Many of the Christmas clothes, though, are made with red. If not, what color bled so we can beware of that, too?

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ugh!! This is embarrassing to say. I should have known better!!! This time it was black :confused: I feel so stupid, AFTER the fact!!! But it was a headband, and it matched everything so perfectly! Plus, I’ve NEVER had ANYTHING bleed on my babies before, so I wasn’t even thinking about the possibility of that happening…oh well, lesson learned. Thank GOD the family is gracious and patient, and I’ve told them I’ll fix it if I have to do a new head! And at least now I know better :confused:

Yes. Any fabric that is dark with heavy dye will leach into the vinyl. Velvet, dark blue jean fabric is really bad. The dye doesn’t just stain it leaching down into the vinyl. Sorry I’ve never been successful at getting it out… I just try to watch what color of baby I just next to the vinyl.
It’s not just the reborn kit vinyl, the vinyl used to make fashion dolls has the same problem… Sorry it happened.

I have never tried this but have heard you can use the magic eraser sponges. Brush lightly because it can take the paint off too if you wipe too hard!!