Help- again 😁

Hi ladies :wave:t2:, I thought I ordered all the colors I needed for my tutorial but I missed one. Magenta 06, any suggestions on a close color? Or a substitute? I am supposed to mix it with Crimson 01 , and get a rosy pink color. Anything?

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?:flushed:


I could suggest mixing colors and matching it against a color wheel until you get the magenta you are looking for. I have to do that all the time. Good luck! Feel your pain about missing an order for something you need. I usually do that and have to wait cause I don’t want to pay shipping for 1 item.


Use Q Crimson 1 and Ultramarine blue and then add titanium white to get the shade lighter if needed. You need to play with the Crimson and blue and compare to the color of the paint you need. It is a bit more Crimson than ultramarine blue to get the right color.