Have a happy BB sale

Hey BB! For us sad little puppies that weren’t able to get a sleeping Presley you could make it up to us and have a BB sale to cheer us up. I’m on a hunt for a baby to try my hand at AA skintone. Cough…Rowan…cough…Rowan…cough :slight_smile:


Yes - I agree, We need a good sale on a variety of babies---------------

My cart is full of goodies. About six different paint colors and a couple of other things I needed. I’m just trying to decide if I want to get seconds Rowan or order the first quality. Has anyone tried their new pyrrole red colors yet? If you have any of them can you post a picture of what they look like?

I love it when they have the flat shipping.

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Dagnabbit! Rowan first quality just went on sale. Me and my impatience… Lol

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