Has this ever happened to you?

I had some things in a craft fair Saturday. A woman was looking at my babies and saw one and pointed at it and said I know him. I taught him in Sunday school. She took a picture to send to the little boys mom. I also had others say this baby looks like whom ever and then asked if I got pictures to make my babies look like. I told them not for these I do if I am doing a memorial baby or a custom. I was curious if others get this when they take babies out.

WOW…that’s interesting…she taught him in Sunday School…LOL…

It’s nice that your baby brought to mind someone she knew. I think that’s sweet.

I’ve never actually taken a baby out believe it or not! Well, just one when I was delivering it and the comment I go was “Oh how wonderful you had another little one?” he ever stroked the forehead and didnt know if was a doll. i told him and his jaw dropped. it was a little awkward!