Has anyone seen Jayden Awake by Natalie Scholl?

He is super super cute! But I thought Will was the awake version of Jayden? Didn’t she use his head to make Will??


I always thought that Will was Jayden’s awake sibling, while this Jayden is an awake version like BB does with the realborns. If that makes any sense :joy:

He is very cute! I wonder if he’ll end up getting as sought-after as sleeping Jayden-- the original goes for up to $1000 blank. I’ve noticed that the painted ones actually go for less… which is kinda scary, lol

I’m also wondering if the introduction of an awake jayden will affect prices on the original one.

Either way, I’m excited for this new wave of sculptors redoing existing babies with slight differences (like LTR’s Smiling Abigail). It shows their skills as artists-- it’s hard to do a great thing twice!


Ahhh that does make sense! I know Jayden goes for such high prices, it can get insane. I’m excited about his release,it’s a lot more affordable at around $100

Exciting!!! Definitely going to get a couple:)

He does look exactly like Will., but I like wills face more. I like that she is extending the limbs.