Has anyone done Zodi?

Anyone done Zodi and have pictures? I have a few orders for her and would love some inspiration.

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@46and2 has done awesome zodi’s!

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Here is my Zodi. Definitely one my favorite mini kit so far.


I love number 3, she is my favorite Zodi ever! :heart:️:kiss:

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Such beautiful little fairy babies @46and2 and @Alwaysyoursnursery :heart_eyes:

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I did her a while ago


Crappy cell phone.pics but you get the idea


Aw, she’s so diddy and cute x

She’s so cute and tiny. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I love all of your zodies! Each one is absolutely precious. I can tell that lots of creativity was put into them. My favorite one is the 3rd one. I love the colors you used for the skin tone and the pretty hair . You’ve done a wonderful job on all of them, thank you for sharing them with us :,)

Omg I love her hair! She looks adorable. And her lip color and shape are beautiful! It’s funny how the lips on each of the zodi dolls are slightly different. :smile:


I’m starting my Zodi and would love to see more if anyone would like to add a pic…

So precious!

@Nikkiroc where is our Zodi?

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Let me find her!

My daughter made these. She is hoping to sell them but i sorta hope she keeps them.


She should keep them :grinning:

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Thank you! She really wants to make a little money so i may let her,

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Good luck in whatever she chooses! Are they her first dolls?

No, some of the dolls i have shown on this site as mine are actually hers. But since i dont get replies or people critisize so much, i havent let her know i have posted her dolls here.