Has anyone done Leah and Lane as AA?

Has anyone done Leah and Lane as AA or even a darkish colored caucasian would like to see pictures before I decide how I want to paint them. I have been looking at them and I am at a loss as to which way I want to make them and I am in love with both kits so they are going to be my keepers also and want to make them look really good so they can be my show babies.

I’ve done Lane as an AA. Please bare with me she was my first completed reborn.


Oh, I LOVE her with the darker tones!

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You did a wonderful job for your first completed reborn. I only hope that I can make Lane and Leah look really nice. I keep looking at the blank faces and I keep seeing a darker completion as being best.

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I loved doing the Lane in darker complextion


Wow! Looks great!

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@annalane58 you did a wonderful job on your lane too.


I finally completed My Leah and Lane. Here they are if you are interested.


How cute! And funny, the sport onsie is the same one my lane that I’m selling is wearing. Such sweet sculpts. Their hands are a booger to paint tho!

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Your right about their hands, you have hold their hands just right and maneuver their fingers out of the way and keep your own hand out the way at the same time just to get them painted right.

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