Got Presley Awake for my Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! Presley Awake came today. He is 1332/1500. I already have a Presley Asleep and the Awake version finally grew on me enough to make sure I had one. Yeah!


Happy Birthday! :smile:

Happy Birthday :birthday: :fireworks:

Happy Birthday, glad you got what you wanted. GO Presleys !

Thanks everyone!

happy birthday

Great!!! Happy birthday!! That is a very lovely sculpt!!

Happy Birthday!!! :balloon: :cake: :balloon:

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I was home sick when he arrived. It really brightened my day! My daughter immediately said she wanted him. I think I might have to do a set of twin Presley’s and make them keepers. So many cute sets have gone up lately and I’m dying to do a set now!

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