Gluing felt

What should I use to glue felt to things?
I have tried super glue and tacky glue, and neither one will hold the felt to the vinyl or to the plastic pacifier.

I use good ole E-600

I use tacky glue behind the mouth and hold it with another magnet until the glue dries. For the pacifier, I cut off the entire nipple with manicure scissors. The I glue the magnet on and put it on a clean yogurt container to keep it level until it dries. Once it’s dry I cover the magnet with a circle of Dr. School’s moleskin. The moleskin should cover the entire magnet and extend onto the plastic part of the pacifier. If you do the pacifier first you can use that to hold the one inside the head in place and you’ll be sure it’s positioned correctly.

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That’s supposed to say Scholl’s, not Schools.

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Oh, and I use flesh colored fabric to back the open noses. It sticks better and looks more natural.

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I switched from felt to moleskin just recently when I remembered we used it in the necks of our porcelains years ago.

Are you only using the moleskin on the pacifier? Is it the Moleskin Plus?

I think it’s just regular moleskin. I use it on pacifiers.

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I glue the magnet first and add the moleskin after it dries.

What is moleskin? Lol

It’s by Dr. Scholl’s. It’s for cushioning corns, calluses and other sore spots on your feet. It’s flesh colored flannel on one side with a peel off sticky backing on the other. You can cut to fit your purpose.

I just use pieces of fabric or ribbon to cover my magnet

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